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What Is ETector? Why Should I Use it? How Do I Use It?

ETector is a plagiarism detection tool specifically designed for introductory programming courses. These courses typically have large numbers of students and relatively small programs, a combination that is difficult for plagiarism detectors. As a result, plagiarism detectors can often miss plagiarism in introductory courses.

ETector is designed to specifically focus on this kind of workload, trading resource efficiency for detection performance. This tradeoff is a poor choice for other plagiarism domains, such as finding plagiarized journal articles, but it is ideally suited for programming assignments. As a result, it may find instances of plagiarism that other detectors overlook.

Better - We have found that ETector finds more real cases of suspected plagiarism than other detectors, and that it does a better job of ranking suspected cases.

Informative - ETector's reports show the suspicious regions in programs, but more importantly, it tells you why it found them suspicious. It makes it easier for someone to examine the results, and provides more information that can be used as evidence.

Flexible - you can check for matches against archives of previous years, while only showing cases from the current year, reducing clutter in the rankings. It's also easy to exclude course staff submissions.

ETector consists of a script that you run locally to upload files to our Web site, and then all processing and reporting is done via a Web interface.

File uploads can consist of individual files, tar files, and directories. You can specify selection criteria for the directories and tar files using shell-style pattern matching.

To get started, send an e-mail to Vivek Pai to get your key and your upload script.

version 0.9 beta copyright 2013-2017 Vivek Pai